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Brad Froelich Stock Trading Coach & Financial Content Writer Barcelona SP

Brad Froelich Stock trading Coach | Financial Content Writer I’m Brad Froelich Stock Trading Coach & Financial Content Writer in Barcelona Spain

For the last 15 years, I have accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge in the culinary arts and financial trade markets. Today I want to speak to you specifically about an opportunity for you to use me as your Stock Trading Coach. You can think of me as your private coach in stock trading. Although I live in Barcelona, Spain I am as close as your online connection. I am happy to be your Stock Trading Coach no matter where you live.

Let me be your Stock Trading Coach. Contact me at:


Consider this. You might have the money, but if you enter the stock market with minimal skills and do not understand risk management you won’t have that money for long. An investment in me, for a couple of hours a week, as your Stock Trading Coach, will go a long way in protecting your investment dollars.

My position with you is NOT to buy and sell for you. Rather it is to train you in the stock trading skills that I have learned over these past 15 years so that you can manage your own money. Starting with Schonfeld Securities in Chicago , IL, USA, I learned the fundamentals of the marketplace and the important data necessary to squeeze out the potential profits.

Currently I am an active manager in a private hedge fund, enjoy my work as a Stock Trading Coach, and provide financial and trade analysis content to more than a half a dozen financial websites. The financial content writing has been for a multitude of asset classes and diversity of thought.

I understand the financial markets and am able to teach others to understand them as well. Call me and let’s talk about your financial challenges. What particular stock market problem do you have. Do you need another professional view point. What questions do you have for me as your Stock Trading Coach? Let me coach you through the tough questions in stock trading.

Read what one of my students had to say,,, He has taught me how to look at the financial markets from a whole different perspective. I definitely feel like I understand more about why things happen and the actual process of how to succeed in trading. He helped me develop a trading plan with defined rules and risk management. Very good teacher/trainer; highly recommend without any reservations.  Additionally, he has consistently shown me how to pinpoint low risk/high reward trading ideas and has a great understanding of the intra-day fundamentals of the equity market. Shows a tremendous passion for trading and in my opinion is an elite trader who has shown he can be consistently profitable and will succeed in this business in the long term.
Serge U
Austin, TX

Let me be your stock trading coach

Send me an email and tell me you want to talk stock trading. I will respond to your email with in 24 hours. Send email to:

Consider us for Financial Content Writing Assignments Get in touch with us today. Let us be your resource for financial content articles, and stay ahead of your competition.

Brad Froelich
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Stock Trading Coach & Financial Content Writer
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Disclaimer:Pop Up Financial Group and/or Brad Froelich are NOT a Broker Dealer. As a Stock Trading Coach and Financial Content Writer  the engagement is trader education and training and not acting in the capacity of Broker Dealer. Pop Up Financial Group and Brad Froelich offer a number of products and services, both electronically (over the internet) through and in person through Brad Froelich. Pop Up Financial Group and/or Brad Froelich also offer web-based interactive training courses on demand. Their is always risk involved in trading and past performance is never certain of future performance.  We in no way give specific stock advice, but offer general economic education to help an aspiring trader become more prepared.  This if FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and we are not offering, selling, or soliciting specific stock sales and are in no way responsible for any losses from investment decisions that you personally make.


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