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Web Marketingville gets town talking…

Web Marketingville gets town talking… about your business.


Known as a  non traditional internet marketing firm, Web Marketingville in Cincinnati, recently expanded its services to include client interaction video marketing… and clients are extactic.                                                                     

Get the Buzz out on your business!

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With the addition of its Video Marketing Department, LocaBuzzConnectTV, Web Marketingville in Cincinnati is able to get the buzz out for local business with a very effective tool – online client interaction videos.

Online client interaction video brings your local business personality to life. It gives our clients a sense of authority that cannot be achieved in the written word,” said Ken Geers the Founder of the company.

LocalBuzzConnectTV produces and directs the video content. It distributes the video to various social directories and news outlets, all designed to blast the buzz out on its clients. LocalBuzzConnect.com, a local business information website, adds more impact and gets the town talking and  the client phone ringing.

Web Marketingvillle gets the buzz out on your business

As the viewing network expands, Brand awareness of the local business does as well. Not only does the local business owner become a recognized leader in the niche, but also brings credibility and likability to herself in the videos. The increased Brand awareness shortens the buying cycle because of the perceived trust.

Your Online Business Reputation is everything

Get the buzz out on your local business reputation with 5 Star Review Branding videos. Web Marketingville, using proprietary tools, embeds an existing 5 star review in a Hollywood style studio setting, using professional spokes models and graphics, brands the video to your company setting, and then syndicates the video online for all your potential customers to see. Potential customers call you and not the competition.


Review Branding Video

When you are ready to dominate your market call. Get the Video Buzz out on your business. Call now! (513) 334-1117.


About Web Marketingville

Located in Cincinnati OH. In business to build your local business without limits. Web Marketingville applies proprietary systems to help  its clients grow business and become market leaders. 


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