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Reputation Marketing rocket fuel for lead generation | Web Marketingville

With Reputation Marketing in your mix, your lead generation explodes.

Your reputation is everything… protect it with 5 Star Reputation Marketing

Ken-Geers-Reputation-Marketing-Cincinnati-OHAs a business owner you need to understand reputation marketing is the most important part of your business marketing plan. Without a good reputation all the marketing you do is just wasted.

It does not matter whether you are on the first page of google, are heavy into TV and Magazine, or are promoting your business in other ways. Without a good reputation  and reputation marketing plan you are wasting your money. If you don’t have a good reputation, your lead generation will see that and go to where there is a good reputation – your competition.

The good news is that what I am about to share with you is not known by most businesses. And probably is not known by your competition… yet. Your window of opportunity is now!

Over the past year internet marketing has been stood on its head. Check this out. Go to google and type in any company name and city and watch what happens. Your search will reveal a combination of  website and reputation of that company. Not only do you see the website but tied to that website is the company reputation for all to see.

Reviews show up everywhere. Yelp, YP, Bing, PPC, Social Search – Facebook and Twitter, and now reviews show up in Pinterest, Flickr, and you name it.  Your reputation as a business owner is inseparable from any type of marketing you do. The review stars show up in every type of search engine result. If your reputation is not good your potential customers see these results and they are going to your competition where the reviews are good. Any lead generation is wasted.

You must create a 5 Star Reputation, and then market that Reputation to the marketplace. Get those 5 Star Reviews on social media, your website, google, yelp, facebook, create video reviews, and post these reviews to any and all resources available and develop your reputation marketing plan.

Reviews send you pre-qualified, pre-sold customers because buyers trust reviews. There are plenty of studies that back this up. Nielsen did a study that wanted to find the extent people trusted advertising.

It found that referrals from people they knew, was the number one trust factor. Right under that was consumer opinions posted online. Think of that. Consumers trusted reviews more than any other form of advertising other than referrals from a friend. Reviews were trusted more than a website, TV, Magazine, Newspaper, and this is something that I do not think your competition knows. To stay ahead of your competition today, reputation marketing is a must.

Consumers will look up 10 reviews before making a buying decision.  Compare this to your buying habits. I bet that is pretty close to what you do. And consumers do not even trust a company that doesn’t have 6 to 10 reviews. Do not make your leads choose your competitor because you lack reviews. Get those 5 star reviews and keep on getting them to stay ahead of your competition and capture those leads.

Our business is Reputation Marketing.  Our System is rocket fuel for lead generation.

We build your business to a 5 Star Reputation, and then market that reputation in a multitude of areas. Your reputation is everywhere, so that when a lead wants to make a buying decision, there is no hesitation in choosing you. These leads are pre-qualified and pre-sold before they pick up the phone to call you. Your lead generation is on rocket fuel.

Our process is hands on reputation marketing

We give our clients a Complimentary $199 Reputation Review and Strategy Report to make it clear to them how the marketplace sees them. This report tells Web Marketingville where to start its work.

From there we begin to build that reputation using proprietary tools, like a custom review page, that helps you gather reviews. We monitor both your good and bad reviews in the Top 10+ Directories so that you are hands on with your reputation.

Any new reviews posted are sent to you allowing you to share the good news with your staff and respond quickly to bad reviews. This builds company credibility and sometimes gets the bad reviews removed.  5 Star Reviews are then posted to your website, social media, etc.to build your online reputation giving you a Lead Generation System on rocket fuel.

We make this process easy. Web Marketingville gives you all the reputation marketing tools you need to get ahead of your competition and stay ahead of your competition. We make you aware 24/7 of your online reputation. Remember you are only one review away from a bad reputation.

Through our $1,800 Media Center, we make available custom designed post cards, business cards and banners to encourage your customers to give you company reviews. Our email templates are available for you to send email review requests. We provide the tools you need to get those all important reviews,

Web Marketingville teaches your staff the importance of reputation marketing.  Each employee has access to its Reputation Training Center.   After video reviews a test is given to make sure the staff understands the importance of a customer.  Once the company and staff adapt a reputation culture, 5 star reviews increase, and you then leverage that reputation without limits.

The final thought I will leave you with is this. Studies show that just a half a star increase in a company reputation adds 5% to 10% increase in total sales without doing anything else. Would a 10% increase in sales help your business?

Imagine if your business not only improved its reputation, but it also did all the things we are talking about to market that reputation, you too would have a business without limits.

Let Web Marketingville help you build a strategy toward a 5 Star Reputation. Let us build your reputation and then market that reputation to establish a lead generation system on rocket fuel.

If you genuinely want a 5 Star Reputation that will help you become the market leader in your business niche then send us an email. Tell us you want to build a 5 Star Reputation.

If you are a viable candidate, we will review your online reputation and develop a program that leads you to a 5 star reputation giving you a constant flow of customers.
Let’s get started!
Give us:
Your Name:
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Business Web Site (if you have one):
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Send your information to info@WebMatrketingville.com – put “5 Star Reputation” in subject box.

We do not work with all businesses. However we do respond within 3 business days. We will analyze your online reputation. From that we determine the quickest path to an Online 5 Star Reputation in your local business niche. Either we can help you with your reputation marketing or we can’t.

If we can help, a Proven 5 Star Reputation Program will be offered.

Act today! You are only one review from a bad reputation.

Send your 5 Star Reputation Request to Info@WebMarketingville.com  Put “5 Star Reputation” in subject box. Start enjoying your Reputation without limits today.


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