Flying Pig Half Marathon | goal of local senior

C S Lewis once said, “you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

Flying-Pig-Half-Marathon-goal-of-local-seniorKen Geers believes strongly in what Mr Lewis had to say When his son gave him a challenge to run with him in the Flying Pig Half Marathon,there was little thought other than to allocate time to reach the goal.

The challenge from his son was to live a healthier life and get in better shape so that Ken could continue to enjoy the people and experiences that mattered to him.

By throwing the idea of running in the Flying Pig his son knew there was a good chance Ken would go for it and that a healthier life and better shape would be the result.

Flying Pig Half Marathon,goal of local senior

In excepting the challenge, Ken decided to document his journey to the Finish Line of the Flying Pig Half Marathon. His belief is that he can help other seniors that have had this same goal in mind and just needed a little encouragement.

His series of videos give first hand, the journey of an out-of-shape senior preparing himself for a 13.1 mile route through the streets of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

He takes the viewer on a 12 week preparation plan that includes the cold month of February and continues up to race day May 3, 2015.

His videos are designed for other seniors considering the same goal. He opens his mind and heart to the experiences of preparation and the process of the journey.

He talks first hand of the mental, physical, and spiritual challenges of getting a senior body back into shape and the importance of keeping his eye on the prize.

There is no guarantee that Ken will complete this goal, however it will be fun going along with him in his journey.

Follow him in his goal to get to the finish line of the Flying Pig Half Marathon.



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