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Interior Plant Services Northern KYInnergreen was founded over 30 years ago as a small family business specializing in the design and care of interior plants and containers for a small number of companies in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.

Mission: Innergreen’s mission is to produce and maintain a great image for our clients – one that reflects very positively on them to their customers, prospects, employees, visitors, tenants, and guests. We know this will result in a healthier bottom line – and a green one at that.

Here is what you can expect from Innergreen

Interior Plant Service Northern KYProcess: A walk-through of your Northern KY facility is the first step. This helps us assess the spatial and aesthetic needs of your workspace and helps us to identify key areas that will maximize a plant’s impact. For example, our Northern KY Interior Plant Services Specialist may recommend more dramatic plants in high-profile areas (reception, entries, VIP offices, conference rooms.) and less showy plants in lower-profile areas. This enables us to use a variety of plants while being sensitive to our clients’ budgets.

Interior Plant Services Specialist Northern KYCare: Our Interior Plant Care Technicians are uniformed professionals. Each is friendly and knowledgeable about your specific plants’ needs. Our Technicians receive continual education and certification in horticulture and interior plant services care. Just as importantly, each has passed an extensive screening process, including a background check, so you won’t have security worries.

Northern KY Interior Plant ServicesQuality: Our technicians use a detailed checklist to ensure all plants are cleaned, inspected for diseases and properly arranged for your specific environment.  We inspect all plants upon arrival at our facility and prior to installation in your space.  Any plants failing to meet our standards will not be installed!

Northern-KY-Interior-Plant-Services-VansSensational Service: We understand great customer service. If you have a question or a problem we act quickly to answe the question or solve the problem. Isn’t that what service companies should do!

All Our Plants are Guaranteed

We guarentee your plants will look terrific and will replace any plant, free of charge, when it loses its natural luster.This is a service that requires no effort on your part – we replace plants automatically in order to keep the level of plant quality the highest possible.

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