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Local Buzz Connect : Getting the Buzz out on your local business.

Local Buzz Connect gets your business message out in your local community.

Imagine your business message online for all your prospective customers to see. And now imagine that same business message found and acted on by these potential customers to get your phone ringing. Local Buzz Connect brings your business message to those that want to hear it.

Local Buzz Connect gets the town talking about your business the way you want your business talked about. And it gets the buzz out on your local business and gets your phone ringing.

Local Buzz Connect applies the power of the internet and social marketing directories. Your business message gets out and in front of your customers. Isn’t that what you want? And isn’t that what you need to be successful?

Talk to your customers directly through the power of video. Show them you mean business. Let the power of video present you as the authority and give your customers the added visual trust they need to make a buying decision that favors you and not your competition.

Then wrap that video in a call to action message and watch your customers take notice and pick up the phone. Local Buzz Connect videos add authority, likability, and expert status to your business message and get your phone ringing.

Local Buzz Connect syndicates your message on youtube, facebook, twitter, and other respected social media centers so that when your potential customers are looking, you are there to be found.

The more exposure you have in the communities where your prospective customers are the more business you acquire. Don’t let your competitors get the business that you should be getting. Get the Buzz out on your business and reap the rewards.

Local Buzz Connect adds Expert Interview Program to its mix.

Local Buzz Connection Booster Program was recently introduced . The program is designed to get the message out for local professionals and business owners. Using proprietary technology it produces expert interviews with the professional or business owner and then syndicates those interviews online giving impact and exposure to the business owner. It creates authority and trust in these videos and builds additional online credibility.

Your business message and Local Buzz Connect will get the town talking and your phone ringing.

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